Close Encounters

Title: Close Encounters

Author: Tempest

Series: TOS, A/U

Paring: Mc/Sa, K/Am, S/Mc (Warning, actual pairings may differ from advertising, and objects in mirror may be closer than they appear)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Some memories are pleasant, others should be buried, and those who caused them never seen again. Sometimes, the universe fails to grant everyone that privilege

Disclaimer: I don't own TOS. I never have, and I never will. Star Trek and all of its relations are property of Paramount and Viacom. I only own this story. Anybody who has a problem with the thought of men in homosexual relationships with each other, please stay away. Flames and feedback are welcome. Please ask before putting this anywhere.


Close Encounters

By Tempest

December 29, 2003


      The comm. unit rang in Kirk's apartment. The proud Starfleet officer had been in the middle of reading an ancient, leather-bound book, and not for the first time, wishing that his son were here with him. Over the last few years, it had grown into a thought that nagged at him frequently. Removing his glasses and sitting down at the desk, he answered. "Kirk here."

      McCoy's face appeared on the screen. "I need a favor." 

      Kirk grinned at his old friend. They had met some years back at a base hospital, where he had found himself injured for taking too mighty a risk, and they'd remained friends ever since, even to the point of serving together. Despite being a country doctor, mostly, as far as Kirk was concerned, he was the best sawbones in the business. "Bones, you know if I can do it, it's yours. What do you need?"

      "To make a long story short, I'm going to be a father-in-law." The Georgian drawl was more pronounced, as it always was when McCoy was tickled pink. "But my future son-in-law's family has some, well, flat out strange traditions for wedding planning. Needless to say, since my wife, well, hasn't been with me for ages now, and the men are supposed to plan this shindig, I was wondering if you could take his wife out for the day tomorrow, show her around, treat her to dinner, work that usual 'Look, at me, I'm Starfleet's Golden boy Kirk' magic to get into a show or something." 

      Kirk chuckled at the explanation. His reputation as a Tomcat was really more for show than anything. The "flings" for which he was famous were almost always simple flirtation. "Sure, Bones. Just tell me where and when and I'll be there with bells on."

      "She'll be at the Golden gate Bridge at 11:00, tomorrow morning. From what I know, she'll be wearing a green brooch and a white flower so you can recognize her. I've met her once before, a real sweet lady, really. You two will hit it off in no time. Just, don't hit it off too well, she's married, and quite a bit younger than he is, so really, watch it." 

      "I know, Bones. I'll be there."

      "And don't wear that damned green, dress clothing, it's hideous." With that, McCoy smiled and his face disappeared from the screen. 

      Tomorrow would be an interesting day.


      At promptly 11:00, a shuttlecraft arrived at the McCoy household. Dressed in his usual suit for conducting rounds, McCoy had spent the morning making sure the place was clean, cooking food and mixing drinks. He had to admit he was nervous. It wasn't every day that he was bargaining for a son-in-law.

      The doorbell rang and he rose to answer it. A tall, Vulcan man, who seemed to be aging, but only slightly, as Vulcans are wont to do, dressed in a long, flowing, Vulcan robe, raised his hand in the ta'al. "Dr. McCoy, it is pleasant to see you again."

      McCoy lifted his hand right hand and forcibly parted his fingers with his left. *How these Vulcans do it, I'll never know. This hurts like Hell.* "Please, come in, Sir. Do you want me to take your outer robe?" 

      "Please." The Vulcan shed his robe, revealing a tunic that showed off his physique in a more complimentary manner, and a pair of dark leggings.

      McCoy took the robe and put it in the closet, then gestured towards one of the armchairs in the living room. He had a nagging thought in his mind, as he looked at the Vulcan. Something seemed familiar about him. Of course, he had met him once before, when he'd met his wife, but something more than that was pressing at his thoughts. Pushing it from his mind, he sat down. "It seems we have a lot to discuss and not as much time as either of us would hope." 


      It was 11:10 when Kirk arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking had not been the best of ideas, he realized, about halfway through the trip. Although he would never admit it to McCoy, or anybody else for that matter, he really did need to get into better shape. Maybe he would try that diet... 

      He looked up. A beautiful woman, in what seemed to be her early fifties was standing with her back to him, simply staring at the water. He breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, from McCoy's description, he had thought she would be some young, blond, trophy bride. Then again, now he was curious to see how old the husband was, and for that matter, the son. He walked over to her and settled down against the railing beside her. He cleared his throat. "Madam, I'm here as your escort this evening."

      *That voice,* she thought to herself, *there's something familiar about that voice.* She turned around and gasped. "Oh, God..." 

      Kirk squinted in disbelief. "Mandy?"

      "George, is that you?" 

      It would be an interesting day, indeed.


      The two fathers now sat in the parlor of the McCoy home, tea in the Vulcan's cup, coffee in McCoy's. The ceremony that had just been described was giving him a headache. "Do we really have to do all this? It's kind of...elaborate, don't you think?" 

      "It is the Vulcan Way of marriage, Doctor."

      "Yeah, I gathered. But since there are going to be one and a half humans involved in this, maybe we can change it a bit?" 

      "One and a half?"

      "Your son, he's half human, isn't he? That's what I gathered from meeting Amanda." 

      "Despite his genetics, he had chosen to follow the Vulcan Path and is thus one Vulcan."

      McCoy realized that this was probably a sore topic in that particular household. After a moment of silence, he changed his tactics. "I don't have a daughter, Sarek." 

      "I am aware."

      "Then why do you insist on staying with a completely Vulcan wedding when it's two men who are getting married? We humans have customs too, that are also divided into male and female roles when it comes to marriage, and when it's a same-sex wedding, these are changed to accommodate both parties."

      Sarek folded his hands into the steeple configuration and peered at McCoy. He was demonstrating, yet again, that which had caused the incident those ten years ago. "What do you suggest then, Doctor?" 

      "First of all, I know my boy. You're never going to get Leonard to wear a Vulcan robe. He barely wears his uniform when he has to. If he thinks he can choose what he gets to wear, he'll be much happier and more compliant."

      "Very well, Doctor." 

      "Second, this declaration of male friends and female processions, one or the other, here. Human men traditionally don't like the idea that they're being given away. Maybe combining those two elements for both, if we can't make it human?"

      It was logical. Sarek had to admit this to himself. "Formulize your proposal into a definite plan and I shall listen."  


      "It's been years, Mandy. I haven't seen you since University, have I?" Kirk and Amanda were walking down the streets of San Francisco, on the way to the seafood bistro Kirk had made reservations in for lunch. 

      "Not since after graduation when you ran off to the stars, George."

      "They called out for me, Amanda, just as teaching had called out for you. You know we cant always choose our paths in life." They arrived at the small restaurant and Kirk excused himself from her for a moment, checking in with the maitre'D. They were shown to their table and as a gentleman, Kirk waited for her to sit before seating himself. 

      "Do you still prefer cognac to Saurian Brandy, Mandy?"

      "Yes, although I don't have much change to partake. Sarek doesn't approve of having alcohol in the house, only on diplomatic occasions." 

      "Then we'll get a bottle for the table and make sure your husband doesn't find out." Kirk signaled the waiter and put in the order for the cognac. "Anything you want, Mandy, it's on me."

      "You're the same George Kirk you were when we were together. And you're sure you didn't know whom I was or that I was married to a Vulcan? I can't see the seafood as a coincidence." 

      "I like fish."

      Amanda smiled softly, as she searched through the menu. "If I recall, that wasn't all you liked." 


      "That is an excellent arrangement, Doctor, and one I believe our sons will find most satisfactory." Sarek took the finishing sip of his teacup and placed it down on the coaster beside him. "As for the ceremonial ringing of the gong?"

      "They are your lands, Sarek. I say let Spock ring them to signify his arrival, as is tradition for you. And for the last time, call me 'David.' We're going to be family." 

      "Very well, David." The word sounded strange on Sarek's tongue. It was not the first time he had called this man by his given name. It was simply the first time that he had done so clear-headed.

      McCoy smiled and reached out his hand. "How about I get you a refill on the tea before we plan the reception?" 

      "Logical." Sarek handed the doctor his teacup and shifted his position slightly in his chair.

      As McCoy made his way into the kitchen, Sarek kept his eyes on him. "So," the human called over his shoulder as he went about refilling the cups, "I have a question regarding the urgency of this marriage." 

      "And what is that?"

      McCoy came back out with the cups and a vegetable platter. He put everything down and retook his seat. "Why the urgency of the marriage?" 

      Sarek stayed silent for a long moment, using all his diplomatic training to decide upon the answer that would suit the purpose needed without touching upon a subject uncomfortable on many levels. "It is a Vulcan necessity."

      "I can understand the need for getting married, Sarek, I mean, we both obviously had that need, but our children are young enough that waiting six months couldn't hurt, now could it?" 

      "I suggest we discuss the specifics of the dinner menu and then return to this topic of discussion."


      "I can't remember the last time I had lobster. Sarek's been spending the entirety of our marriage trying to turn me into a vegetarian." Amanda was tearing into her lunch with gusto, while still, with her own ability, projecting an air of dignity and lady-like perfection.

      "Vulcans are like that. I remember having to deal with one, he was the Chief Scientist of this colony Robert and I had needed to visit. An infuriatingly stubborn man." Kirk shook his head in response to his own memory and turned back to his sea bass. He suddenly turned serious. "Mandy, are you happy? Does Sarek make you happy?"

      Amanda nodded, reaching for her wine glass. "Very happy, George. Even with having to deal with the Vulcan way of life, my life is just how I wanted it to be. And you, George, have things turned out how you wanted?" 

      "I enjoyed my marriage to Wenonah, and my career. She passed away shortly after Jimmy graduated the Academy, but Georgie has a beautiful son, Peter, now and a lovely wife. And my career is going well, enough. I'm happy with my decision to join Starfleet."

      Amanda raised her glass in toast. "To decisions made in the past, George, even if we didn't think they were good back then." 

      Kirk smiled at her and clicked his glass with hers. It was turning out to be a good day after all.


      "There, the reception is planned, and you can take it back to Amanda for the stamp of approval." McCoy leaned back in his chair, reaching for a slice of celery and taking a loud bite. "Now, you promised an explanation. And I don't mean to be nosy. But I've heard rumors from an acquaintance of mine, another doctor who's worked with Vulcans, and I'm just a little concerned about Leonard's safety. Of course you understand, Sarek."

      "All Vulcan males go through a period where mating is necessary. Although the age differs for each Vulcan, sons tend to have the same age as their fathers. Spock is approaching the age when I first entered this time and it would be best for all involved that our sons wed before he enters this time. It allows them the time to experience their bond fully and to thus keep them from experiencing pain when this time comes." 

      McCoy nodded as he listened to this. For some reason, he was experiencing déjà vu from the conversation, as though he had not only heard it all before, but heard it all before from Sarek. But that was impossible. He had only met him that one time, when Spock had invited he and Leonard over for the engagement dinner. Hadn't he?

      Sarek peered over his folded hands at McCoy, trying to explain this in the least embarrassing way, attempting to not rouse the memories he knew existed. Those memories from ten years ago, when he had first encountered David McCoy, at a Federation Outpost. When they had first had a very similar conversation. 


      Due to radiation-related engine difficulty on the ship that was to pick him up and return him to Vulcan, he and the rest of the entourage had been taken to Outpost 17, a Federation Medical Outpost loosely associated with Starfleet, but run by the Federation Medical Association. It was there that the preliminary symptoms he had been experiencing had been self-confirmed, and that a kind-hearted Doctor, David McCoy, had come to his aid.  

      With an explanation of the situation, and that he could not form a link during the fever to help divert the pain, McCoy had taken Sarek back to his quarters for the next couple of days, helping him through the fires of the pon farr.

      The experience had been traumatic at best, and Sarek had promised McCoy any favor he desired as retribution. David McCoy, who was only half-familiar with Vulcans and their telepathy, had asked for a small mind wipe, so that for everybody, the scenario could return to normal. Sarek could return to his wife and McCoy to his life without any errant emotions. Sarek could not refuse. 

      They parted ways, not expecting to see each other again. Until earlier this year when their sons had announced their desire to wed. Sarek had been more surprised than David, who had all ready known his son was bisexual with strong homosexual urges. Sarek, knowing of the situation between T'Pring and Stonn, and motivated for desire of his son to live, had agreed to support any bonding Spock had chosen, as long as it had been consensual, which led them to the present.


      "Rushing the bonding ceremony will lead to more positive results in the long term, and this is why it is necessary to schedule it as quickly as possible. And as much as I am certain neither of us wish to think about it, the sooner they are married, the sooner they can celebrate anniversaries and go on their honeymoon." Sarek quirked up his eyebrow slightly.

      McCoy nodded, glancing at the chronometer. Kirk should be back with Amanda any minute. He rose from the chair. "If we're just about finished with this, would you care to help me set up the dining room for dinner, Sarek?" 

      The Vulcan nodded slightly, rising as well and collecting the teacups. "It would be my pleasure, David." He was all ready growing more comfortable with the name.

      The two men settled into the kitchen and dining room, setting the places at the table and finding serving utensils for each when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it, Sarek, could you get the Brandy and the cork remover?" 

      McCoy made his way to the door, where he found Kirk and Amanda, both covered in grass and flower petals. "Should I ask?"

      Kirk just smiled and walked into the house without asking. "We were attacked by a flower vendor on our way to the transport station. But she's safe just like I promised." He pulled McCoy to the side and whispered "And completely dedicated to her husband, so don't worry about that." Aloud, he said "Now, am I invited to dinner, or since the work day is over, am I being sent home?" 

      McCoy smiled and shook his head in a long-suffering action. "You can stay, just don't upset the in-laws, it's been a stressful day. Sarek's in the kitchen helping me with the cooking. And if all things work out, the wedding will go through without a hitch. Hey, maybe your boy could come too."


      In a Starfleet issue cabin, somewhere in the great unknown, a young doctor turned towards his Vulcan lover. "You don't think they've killed each other do you?"

      The Vulcan looked up from the data padd he had been reading. "Leonard, your concerns are illogical." 

      "I don't think so. You didn't see the strange ways our fathers were looking at each other that night. And then they're alone on my father's turf and mind you he's the most peaceful, well-tempered man I've ever seen, but you don't want to make him angry, and he's a lot like me and Sarek's quite a lot like you, and they don't have the fact they're in love to cool their tempers." McCoy moved beside Spock, reaching out to trace the points of the ears he so enjoyed teasing.

      "They are adults. I am certain they could put aside all the necessary differences. They were able to accept the fact that we are to be an inter-species, homosexual couple, with careers that put our lives in danger every day. There is no reason that whatever they have against each other could be placed aside. And the bonding ceremony will be fine. It shall happen in time to spare us before the projected beginning of my pon farr, and we can have a most pleasant time away from Starfleet." Spock once more returned his attention to the padd he had been reading. 

      McCoy, momentarily satisfied with the outcome of the discussion, reached out quickly to grab the padd away from Spock and skimmed it quickly. "The Kama Sutra, Special Vulcanoid Edition? Let me take a look at this." McCoy jumped away before Spock could snatch it back. McCoy stuck his tongue out at Spock and mentioned something about him thinking with the wrong head.

      Spock sighed very softly to himself. Then again, maybe their fathers had killed each other. 


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