Missing Scene #34 "Amok Time"

Title: Missing Scenes from TOS Episode #34: Amok Time Author: Tempest Series: TOS Pairing: S/Mc, S/f Rating: PG-13 Summary: What happened during "Amok Time" that Paramount didn't want the fans to see. Disclaimer: I don't own TOS. I never have, and I never will. Star Trek and all of its relations are property of Paramount and Viacom. I only own this story. No posting to any site or list without author permission. Anybody who has a problem with the thought of men in homosexual relationships with each other, please stay away. Flames and feedback are welcome. Author's Notes: My thanks to Farfalla for doing me a favor in the dead of night by giving this a beta. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Missing Scenes from "Amok Time" By Tempest April 6, 2003 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Setting, Spock's quarters. Spock is lying on the bed, McCoy standing over him.) McCoy: Spock? What's wrong? Spock: (Not moving) Nothing is wrong, Doctor. McCoy: I don't believe that and you know it. You haven't been eating. Scoot over and we can talk about it. Spock: I do not wish to talk. McCoy: (Growing concerned) Come on, we're going to sickbay to get a check up done. Spock: (Rising up off the bed, his face very close to McCoy's) You will cease to pry into my personal matters, Doctor, or I shall certainly break your neck. McCoy: (Unnerved) Fine, Spock. But if you want to talk, you know where to find me. (He leaves) (Setting: Sickbay, a couple of days later. McCoy and Chapel are talking) Chapel: (Angrily) You shouldn't have embarrassed me like that in front of the Captain. McCoy: (Coldly) And you shouldn't have been there in the first place. If Commander Spock is not eating, it is not your concern. It is my concern as Chief Medical Officer. (And as his lover) Chapel: I work in the medical staff too, Doctor. Don't forget that. McCoy: I don't, Christine, but this is out of your jurisdiction. (Giving her a long stare) Do you understand? Chapel: Yes, Doctor. (Setting: Sickbay, after Spock's forced examination) McCoy: Spock, step into my office. Spock: (Following and standing with his hands behind his back) Yes, Doctor? McCoy: Spock, I just looked over the tests. I can see the physical results. What I don't understand is why. Why's this happening? How can I help? Spock (His eyes going soft for a minute) Doctor, please...do not ask. I need to get to Vulcan; I can say nothing further. McCoy: (Reaching over to put a hand on Spock's arm) Please, Spock, tell me. I'm a doctor; I can help you. Spock: (Jerking away from his touch) Do not...do not touch me. Get me to Vulcan, Doctor. Find a way. (Setting: Spock's quarters. He is sitting at his computer looking at a picture of T'Pring as a little girl, next to him is a hologram of McCoy he took on their last shore leave) Spock: Why now? I should have been spared. My human heritage has always made me different from the rest before, why not now? Why couldn't I have been spared this...to go home...to her? I do not even know what she looks like now, only as she was when we were young. And to leave him...he who has been by my side for years. I want...I need...but I cannot. Must fight it...must go to him...must tell him. I cannot! (He picks up the hologram of McCoy and throws it against the wall, shattering it into hundreds of pieces) I must go to her. (Setting: Kirk's quarters. McCoy is at the door.) Kirk: Come in, Bones. McCoy: You wanted to see me, Jim? Kirk: (Nodding) Take a seat, Bones. It's about, Spock. McCoy: (Sitting, his voice low) Did you find out what's wrong, Jim? Kirk: I did. You're not going to like it, though. McCoy: I don't care what it is right now. I just need to know what's wrong. Kirk: (Sighing) It's his...mating cycle; it seems all Vulcans have them. His has started. McCoy: (Quietly) That would explain some things...but why has he been so reclusive? He won't talk to me. Kirk: Bones...he has a... McCoy: (Worried) What, Jim? What's he have? Kirk: He has a wife, Bones. McCoy: (His face pales, he goes silent for a many minutes) A wife? Kirk: I'm really sorry, Bones. McCoy: No...no...it's all right. I'm...I'm going down to sickbay for a while. Kirk: I'll do what I can for him, Bones. McCoy: (Rising and heading out the door) Thanks. (Setting: Sickbay, after Kirk has been revived, but while Spock is still on Vulcan. McCoy is sitting on a biobed talking with Kirk) Kirk: You saved my life, Bones. Thank you. McCoy: All in a day's work, Jim. Kirk: I don't buy that, Bones. How are you feeling? McCoy: What do you expect? Kirk: Spock still on Vulcan? McCoy: Yep, he "killed" you; so I expect he's marrying her right now...maybe even beyond that. Kirk: Don't think about that, Bones. You know he can't control himself right now. McCoy: He never told me... Kirk: (Putting a hand on McCoy's shoulder) Yeah, I know, Bones. But he probably didn't want to scare you off. Besides, he's too good for her; he'll realize that soon, I'll just bet you. McCoy: (Skipping over the subject) Let's get you scanned again. I want to make sure everything's fine before we pull out of here. (Setting: Spock's quarters, that night. McCoy is at the door.) Spock: Come. McCoy: (Entering) You wanted to talk to me, Mr. Spock? Spock: (Looking up at him) There is no need for formalities, Leonard. McCoy: You seemed fine with them this morning. Spock: Leonard, please, sit down. McCoy: (He pulls his chair out and sits down.) Why didn't you tell me? You're the one who gets possessively jealous if I so much as drawl for a woman, and you've been waiting to marry this entire time. Why? Spock: (He looks at his hands) Leonard...I did not want her; I never have. I never wanted women, let alone her, and she never wanted me. You saw that. And it had taken so long for the fever to come...I thought it never would. I thought it would not matter, for she and I would never wed. And I have you...had you. I needed nobody else. McCoy: (He sighs deeply) And now? Spock: (His breathing becomes shallow. He closes his eyes) I still need nobody else, Leonard. Only you. McCoy: (He moves closer to Spock, reaching out to take a temperature) Spock, my God! You're burning up! I thought you said that the fight had cured you. Spock: I miscalculated...I thought it had. McCoy: What do I need to do? Spock: (He grabs McCoy's hand and begins to stroke his fingers) You know. McCoy: (He helps Spock to his feet) No more Vulcans? Spock: No more Vulcans, Leonard. Please...come with me (He goes towards the bedroom)

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