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This is the link cavern. Herein you will find selected links that will eventually lead you to all S/Mc ever desired.


The Spock/McCoyote's Den

This is the only S/Mc Archive on the Internet, also owned, created by, and maintained by me. Any S/Mc you may be interested in reading can be found there.

The Cub's Side of the Mountain

This is another branch of my obsession with S/Mc stories. I maintain this archive too. What's different about this S/Mc archive is that it's picture, poems and stories, all rated PG-13 or milder, which means everybody can enjoy.

Spiced Peaches

The first, ever, S/Mc zine, in online e-zine form. That's right, an e-zine dedicated solely to S/Mc. The first issue was publsihed on April 1, 2005, and the next one is slated to be published around the time of July 1, 2005. Contributions are always welcome.

Spock/McCoy Haven

This is the official webpage of my Yahoo group: Spock/McCoy Haven. We've been through Eight Waves and all of the stories are chronicled there along with the challenges that inspired their creation.

Visit Spock/McCoy Haven

This is a yahoo group devoted to S/Mc. In the middle of the Ninth Wave of stories at present.

Subscribe to Spock/McCoy Haven

Send an email to this address if you wish to become a member of the Spock/McCoy Haven Yahoo Group.

Visit TOSslash4teens

Farfalla from the realm of K/S and I started this group. It's for all people who want to read slash, but don't want to read erotic. It's a cozy little place. And I get to be maniacal with my crazy Spock/McCoyoteness. Check it out.

Sign Tempest's Guestbook

Here's my guestbook. If you enjoyed the site or have ideas to make it better, and want me to see, please feel free to sign. I'll be sure to look.

Contact Tempest

If you have questions, comments, flames, feedback, or you just want to say hello, send an email.

My Live Journal

This is a fandom journal. I focus on Haven, Den, story business and there aren't too many entries. I'll also probably have other fun Star Trek related stuff. So, friend me.

The Get Len Horatio McCoy Some Sex Foundation

A site dedicated to the idea that Len Horatio McCoy is a very attractive, very sensual man. The site has stories pairing him with everybody imaginable. The only drawback is that there's precious little S/Mc, but hey, archiving S/Mc is my job.

The House of McCoy Mind Control

McCoy and mind control. They go together pretty well. This is probably because in every other episode of TOS and every other movie, he encountered it. And this site is dedicated to stories that involve Leonard McCoy and mind control, either as the victim or the controller. Remember, MC and Mc are spelled the same way.

The Little Page o' Kirk/Scott

Finally, a pairing that works *with* S/Mc instead of breaking it up. Behold, I have seen the future, and it is K/Sc. (Well, it's S/Mc, but if we ever looked in on the Captain, I'm sure he was making love to his Chief Engineer, or vice versa)

Is There a Doctor in the House?

A linklist of Doctor M'Benga stories on the Internet. I don't know what made this happen. But M'Benga's a good guy. I'd certainly double date him with Spock and Len. There aren't a lot of stories, but hopefully that should change soon. A few surprises are here as well.

The Mint Julep Inn

This is the very first site dedicated to Leonard McCoy. Stories range from all plots and pairings, McCoy plays a role, in some way or another. And now, I'm the Site Moderator. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! My monopoly on McCoy stories is nearly completed.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Warning, this may be offensive to vegetarians, Vulcans, humanitarians, pet owners, the league of women voters, and people in general. All others, please enjoy.