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Living in a vast set of interlinking caverns can be very monotonous, so I make my own entertainment. This specific part of the slash caverns is dedicated to the stories I have written in honor of the two I love: Spock and McCoy.
I don't seem to be getting anything done that's worth a damn. Somebody slap me with a worthwhile plot bunny.

~~~~~POST V'GER~~~~~

Post V'Ger

The Whole is Greater

This is the first story in a small series about Spock and McCoy getting together after V'Ger. It details their bonding.

As Dawn Turned to Dusk

This is the second story in the post V'Ger timeline. McCoy watches a sunset on Vulcan after the refusion and remembers a time before on Vulcan with Spock.

What Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

The third story in a timeline where Spock and McCoy get together after V'ger. Spock is having flashbacks to his relationship with McCoy, and goes to the Doctor for help remembering.


Unrelated Stories

Act Naturally

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Nine.
In answer to a long-issued challenge by Hypatia Kosh (I think it was sometime in 2002). What is Spock were raised as a human?


After a visit to a gender-swapped universe, something doesn't add up, and that's Leonard H. McCoy. Spock confronts him and new views on gender are revealed as well as a long hidden life story.

Close Encounters

Planning Len and Spock's wedding is anything but simple, especially when it all leads back to encounters between Kirk and Amanda and McCoy and Sarek.

Cold Truth

Zarabeth, after Spock and McCoy return to the Enterprise, sets the record straight about what really happened.

Confessions: When in Rome

Spock had Zarabeth to test his faithfullness. Most believe McCoy's test was Natira. But what if it was someone else?

Counting Turkeys

Written for Spiced Peaches Three.
Captain Kirk has insomnia. And it doesn't help that his quarters are adjacent to Spock's and McCoy's...and that they're fighting. Again.

Damned Straight

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue One.
After Spock's death in TWOK, McCoy makes a recording honoring the deceased and lamenting his biological nature.

Drunken Sailor

Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty cause some trouble on shore leave to the tune of a well-known sea shanty.


The long-awaited humor story that Farfalla really wanted. The ship is convinced that Spock and McCoy are in a relationship. But everytime they think they have evidence...it isn't what they'd expect. But remember, that absence of evidence isn't the same as evidence of absence.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Seven.
In the distant future, Spock celebrates Christmas Eve. Alone. The memories of Christmas Eves past haunt him.

The Halloween Spirit

Spock and McCoy celebrate Halloween together by entering into a ship-wide costume contest.

If Only

Written for Spiced Peaches Five.
If Only...it's a question that plagues the Enterprise crew.

In His Father's Footsteps

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Twelve.
After the events of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy try their hands at camping yet again. Kirk's trying to make the most of it, while McCoy is caught up in memories of his father.

I Would Do Anything for Love

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue One.
A different take on the death scene in TWOK. Spock's thought processes before and during his death, to the tune of a well-known Meatloaf song.

Keep Good Company

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Ten.
The evening before the launch of the Enterprise-B, Spock/McCoy and Kirk/Scott have dinner together to reminisce.

Medically Absolved

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Two.
After the events of "All Our Yesterdays," Spock is consumed with guilt. He comes up with a way to make it up to McCoy that involves a shared sexual secret.

Memories Lost

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Eight.
In the aftermath of the fal-tor-pan, it's McCoy who doesn't remember.

The Most Difficult Task

In their retirement, McCoy passes on because of an infection. Spock grieves profusely before the funeral and yet must find the strength to immortalize his bondmate in McCoy's eulogy.

Nothing Is as It Seems

K/S...sort of.
You really have to read it to get a feel for it. The ship believes in K/S. Yes they do. The ship believes in K/S. How about you?


Written for Spiced Peaches Three.
New Year's Resolutions hold a special meaning to McCoy. In light of one of the worst events in his life, he reflects on resolutions past.

So Blasted Honest

 Written for Spiced Peaches Issue One.
During "Bread and Circuses" Spock ruminates on his relationship with McCoy, and his own take on honesty.

Sometimes Blood Isn't Thick Enough

McCoy, excited about his bonding to Spock, informs his family, and learns that the addage is true that you can never go home again.

Take Care of Those You Call Your Own

It's Christmas time on the Enterprise, and during the annual secret Santa, McCoy's in need of some Christmas Cheer. M'Benga to the rescue.

Take Her in My Absence

Spock and McCoy are separated often due to Spock's job. Spock tries to help McCoy with his loneliness by giving him a new companion.

That's My Boy

After Spock's in an accident on a landing party (Take that, Marcy!) his intellect is reduced to that of a child. McCoy must go through personal changes in order to care for him.

Unexpected Surprises

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Six.
The enterprise has been planning a surprise birthday party for McCoy. And somehow Spock is the only one who understands the meaning of "surprise."

Valentine's Day Has to Be Good for Something

Spock and McCoy are having a big fight. Kirk wants it to end and for the two to make up. He uses Valentine's Day as an excuse to get his way.

When I Was Seventeen...

Written for Spiced Peaches Issue Eleven.
Spock, McCoy, Kirk, and Scotty are all attending high school together. Spock's socially isolated, McCoy's recently come out of the closet, and Kirk's getting into trouble. What else is new?

With a Little Help from My Friends

In the aftermath of Spock's death, McCoy reaches out to two friends for security and comfort, and memories from years ago are relived in the process.

Yon t'Ashaya

PON FARR!!! A little late for the Pon Farr Fest, though.
On a ship manned entirely by Vulcans, Spock goes into pon farr. Guess what happens next


Mirror Universe

Secret Encounters

In the Mirror Universe, after a mission gone wrong, DeSalle happens to learn about an interesting development in the Spock/McCoy relationship.

Alternative Education

While looking over medical records, McCoy finds that Spock's file is largely incomplete. Questions arise with surprising answers.



One Wore Blue, and One Wore Gray

In an A/U where Spock truly died in TWOK, without reincarnation, the twin son and daughter of Spock and Len reflect on the paths their lives have taken.



What Do Little Boys Play With?

Spock learns why McCoy constantly compares him to a computer, and it's not what everybody believes.

I, Spock

In the aftermath of the I, Mudd mission, McCoy's having a lot of conflicted feelings. Spock uses Vulcan logic to help him to sort them out.