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I'm not the most prolific writer there is in the realm of not only S/Mc but in Star Trek in general. And I am aware of this. But fortunately, it's not due to a lack of creativity, as I have many ideas running through my head at any given time. It's due to lack of stamina.


I went through my lost archives last week and found a large number of half-written stories. After reading them over and finding that many of them have potential, I've decided to get as many as possible finished and posted this year.


And for my readers, I'm making a list to let you know what I'm planning, so you don't get as frustrated that I don't constantly have new stories. There's a lot coming, whenever I find a way to finish them:





Not Quite a Maiden Breast: The entire crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise attending Starfleet Academy at the same time, pity the professors. Spock and McCoy meet under interesting, and youthful, circumstances.



Thus Far Untitled Stories:


-Spock and McCoy meet in high school. Watch as they both struggle with their sexualities and their budding friendship.


-Introduction to the Twiniverse: The Twinlets are conceived and born.


-In an A/U, Spock doesn't remember his relationship with McCoy, and Spock's family aims to keep it that way. It's the crew of the Enterprise vs. Vulcan tradition.


-Spock and McCoy are trapped in the American colonial period, thanks to a problem with the Guardian of Forever. How do they cope, particularly when their memories are wiped?


-McCoy learns that pon farr, just like all other STDs, is communicable.


-We already know that McCoy has a technosexuality fetish. It seems that Spock has a fetish of his own, and it involves medical exams.


-Another A/U. Spock and McCoy cope with the problems of modern times, and the ubiquitous "gay agenda." This is already thirty pages long, and nowhere near finished.


-McCoy drags Spock to the Renaissance festival.


-McCoy deals with the aftermath of Sybok's mental intrusion, to the tune of nightmares. Spock gets revenge.


-In the twiniverse, McCoy, against Spock's wishes, takes the twinlets trick-or-treating.


-In a Mirror Universe A/U, Spock needs stress treatment. McCoy agrees to give it to him. Contains BDSM.


-In another A/U, Vulcan males have a biological need for sexual submission. McCoy, unable to properly take on the role of the Master, takes hypnotic lessons.


-The prequel to the Post-V'Ger Universe, wherein Spock and McCoy come together to form their relationship.


-Yet another pon farr perspective. This one is sort of violent.